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New Playground Coming to South Dallas

Posted by rachel on August 26, 2011

Today as I (Pastor Chris) drove by the neighborhood park near Cornerstone, there were countless number of individuals – all adults, no children.  It is a very common scene, neighborhood parks litters with broken glass, used hypodermic needles, open drug selling and usage as well as tolerating by those drinking, cursing, and engaged in other unwholesome behavior.  It has robbed neighborhood children of a place to play.  Thus, Cornerstone recently submitted a proposal to KaBoom (www.kaboom.org) to have a new playground built on the site where many of the children outreach programs take place.  This location will be accessible to neighborhood children where they can have a decent and safe place to play.  We are so excited to announce that the grant was awarded and it partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, plans are currently underway to erect the playground in October.


KaBOOM! is a national non-profit dedicated to saving play for America's children. Their mission is to create great playspaces through the participation and leadership of communities. KaBOOM’s main mission is to place the playground within walking distance of every child in America. On their website, www.kaboom.org, they mention that all families need to play, whether they have two kids or 18. They further state these four reasons why all families, big and small, need to make sure that their children have ample time to play:

  1. Play combats childhood obesity. 
  2. Play is crucial to a child’s cognitive development
  3. Outdoor play ensures that kids get enough Vitamin D.
  4. Play and physical activity stimulate the brain.

In October, the Cornerstone Community Development Corp, other volunteers, employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, and KaBoom, will construct a3,500 square foot using community involvement.  However, in order to move forward, we  need your help.




Since Kaboom rightly believes that the community must also make an investment in the playground that is being built, we have the following challenges and would like you to consider helping us meet these goals.


  • We must raise $8,500 toward the purchase of playground equipment by September 29, 2011.
  • We will need help prior to the actual build date in preparing the site.
  • We must provide 250 volunteers to assist with the build on Saturday, October 29, 2011.
  • We will need to provide the meal and drinks for the volunteers on the build date.
  • We would like to have a nurse or other medical personal available on the build date.




Please Contact Ashanti Smith

Email -            [email protected]

Phone - 972-768-8510 or 214-426-5468


You may also visit www.kaboom.org for details about KaBOOM!.