June 12, 2019 was the ribbon cutting on the first project that has been completed with The Real Estate Council's Associate Leadership Class. The goal was to renovate the 3,200 square foot building which was the former site of the Cornerstone "Soup" Kitchen. The project has wrapped up and the building has been transformed. Instead of serving as a site where residents will simply drop off their bicycles to be repaired, they will be taught how to fix their own bike(s). In addition, residents will learn how to safely ride a bike, be encouraged to ride their bikes which will improve community health outcomes and provide opportunities where children/youth in the neighborhood will be able to earn a bike. The goal of the program is to do more than to "give a person a bike so that they might ride for a moment but to teach them the skills related to properly maintaining and repairing their bike so that they ride for a lifetime." For more information, you may visit, www.bikefriendlysouthdallas.org.